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September 13, 2001

Mr. President, members of Congress, the Press, and anyone that can add input to the decisions being made,

I know you are very busy and that many choices are being made; but would you please spare five minutes to read the thoughts of a citizen that may have some important things to say; items that very much need consideration in the wake of what is happened.  I will simply state facts and the logical conclusions that I have not heard in the media.  I hope that, after reading this, you will agree and take whatever action is necessary.
If you are not in a position to add input to our leaders, but know someone who can, please forward this to them, I implore you.
We must not legally declare the terrorist attack an act of War!
If the Congress declares Tuesday's events an act of war, then every accidental life insurance policy held by every victim of this tragedy will not pay their beneficiaries.  If I were to have died in Tuesday's disaster, my family would receive $2,100,000 in benefits until it becomes an act of war; after which, they would receive $100,000.  The total loss to the victims families could easily exceed TEN BILLION DOLLARS!
On top of that, we would need to add the price of every damaged item of property;  the cars, the contents of the offices, the revenue lost to businesses, the value of the business records lost.  How many more Billions is that?
Every insurance policy I have ever read includes an act of war in it's list of exclusions.
Doesn't this need to at least be publicly discussed and, if it is declared an act of war, shouldn't the losses be paid by the government (I.E. taxpayers)?
And, since the definition of war requires that the parties be recognized political entities, it cannot truly be war.  When has Bin Laden (or whomever) been officially recognized by any world government.
A worldwide effort is far more likely to succeed if it is headed by an international organization
The United States is already the target of the extremists propaganda and, in fact, has a very tarnished image in many parts of the world.  It would be far more difficult to sway the people who have been told that the U.S. is the bad guy if action is in the name of the U.N., NATO, or some other international group.  We would be far more likely to get "anonymous" tips from the people that know of the terrorists activities.  The effort will require the support of the world in a crusade to end terrorism if it is to succeed.  The terrorists would be less able to convince people that they were the sufferers and far fewer governments would allow them to even hide.
Isn't the real goal supposed to be a worldwide end to terrorism?
There was no way to prevent what happened and we must get back to business, today!
Nothing short of a full body search of every person that even gets near a plane could have prevented the hijackings.  Knives can be ceramic and bombs can look like playdough, defeating any possible detection method there is.  If the terrorist group is secretive enough, properly organized, and willing to give their lives, there is no possible defense after the act has started.
Once the planes were in the air there were two possibilities; either the passengers retake the plane or it is shot out of the sky.
If there is any single flaw, it is in what the air traffic controllers did when the planes transponders shut off and the planes "disappeared".  If it happens again, the answer is to require that, unless confirmed verbal contact is established within two minutes, an emergency action call to the FAA's central control center must be made.  It would then have become the task of that center to locate the planes with radar, re-attempt contact, and to contact the military, if necessary.  No other procedure would be as effective or efficient in adding the precious minutes that might have saved Tower Two and the Pentagon;  though I would sure hate to face the prospect of shooting a passenger airliner out of the sky.
If there is any equipment change, it might be to give the ability for the FAA's control center to override a plane's PA system and to make announcements.  Any thought of remotely stopping or controlling the plane would only become another possible point of attack.
If the need for greater security is felt to be strong enough, put an armed and trained soldier on to each and every flight as a temporary solution.  It is by far and away the cheapest solution for us all; but we must get back to business.
The world's economy is in a precarious state and every day is costing trillions of dollars. 
We must not let the act of terrorists bring the world's financial future to it's knees.
After all, hasn't this been costly enough already?
I have tried to be as succinct as possible and only hope that what I have said makes enough sense to you for consideration. There are other facts and knowledge that are the basis of what I have stated and I would happily discuss them should you care to. My only desire is to help.
Respectfully yours,
Davis M McCarn
184 Eaglecrest Drive
Matthews, NC 28104
(704) 882-7550

If you have any questions or comments, please E-mail me.

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