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September 11, 2001

Terrorism and the only solution

In the wake of what is unfolding, even as I write this, with the destruction of the world trade centers and the incredible loss of innocent lives, I feel strongly that now is the time for the entire world to stand up and put an end to terrorism. No past act of any nation or people can justify the actions that have been taken by a few individuals that quite obviously do not care who is hurt.

I write this as a call to action and propose a concrete plan.

First, is the need for the action to be international, organized, and given the resources necessary to accomplish the task, namely the complete annihilation of every terrorist group worldwide.

Second, is the support of the worldwide community, thereby superceding any possible national interest.

What I suggest is that the United Nations needs to issue a declaration of war on any group or organization that commits an act of terrorism. This declaration needs to have the additional caveat that any nation denying free access to United Nations forces dispatched to exorcise any terrorist group, will themselves be deemed to have committed an act of terrorism and to have committed an act of war against humanity.

After this declaration has been given, all that is needed is to truly follow through. The Bin Laden's of the world cannot stand against the forces of even a small army and will not survive if given no place to hide. Countries like Iraq that might attempt to defend their terrorists cannot stand against a united world and all but the most extremist governments will stand aside if faced with a world united against them.

Now is the time to raise the hand of every caring individual against the senseless violence that is terrorism.

I know that what I have proposed seems overly simplistic and that the politics of the world will create major complications to success, but there will be no better time than now to secure the approval and support of virtually every nation in the world.

We must start a public outcry in every country of the world and vow that never again will the people of the world suffer the acts of irrational and purely destructive terrorism.

I am not a publicist, nor even an exceptional writer: but, for the sake of everyone around the globe, if what I have said seems even remotely possible, please help, even if all you do is forward this to someone else.

Davis M McCarn

If you have any questions or comments, please E-mail me.

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