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September 25, 2001

I originally sent this yesterday, but it seems to have been misunderstood, so I will elaborate.

The Taliban and el-Quaida have hundreds of thousands of supporters throughout the middle east, including up to 50,000 battle hardened veterans in northern Pakistan and America risks igniting a holy war of biblical proportions.

Most of the people in the region are not fanatics, but they are predisposed to support the fundamentalists, particularly against Americans. Just as we are united in response to the attacks of September 11th, we risk uniting them in a holy war against us. We are further handicapped in that almost nothing said by any American is going to be seriously considered or propagated; whereas bin Laden's statements will be heard by almost everyone and they will be believed.

Even our presence on Muslim soil is, to them, an act of aggression against Islam. In the early 90's, bin Laden called for a jihad against the Suadi royal family because they would not insist that all American's leave after the gulf war and support for el-Quaida in Saudi Arabia is so strong that the government has been afraid to make the donation of money illegal, even now. The former prime minister of Pakistan spoke on MSNBC and clearly warned there were tens of thousands that might well ally themselves with the Taliban and bin Laden.

We must not underestimate bin Laden's ability to rouse popular support, turning this into a far larger problem than we may well imagine. Remember, too, that he is considered to be a master strategist and has a plan we have only seen the beginning of.

We, and I mean every nation and people enjoined in the opposition of terrorism, need to take action designed to ensure that the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and any other places that may side with terrorists are presented with a credible and respected argument against choosing to support them. From their perspective, we are the aggressors, determined to overthrow Islam, and there has not been any effective voice speaking against that conclusion.

The religious and governmental leaders of Islam need to speak loudly to the world the wrongness of bin Laden's jihad, the fact that most Muslim's do not share his beliefs, the truth of the atrocities that have been committed, and enjoin them to the just cause against the Taliban, el-Quaida, and the Taliban. I do not know specifically who those people are; but, I do know that ONLY THEIR WORDS WILL CARRY WEIGHT and I have seen nothing to indicate this crucial need is being fulfilled anywhere in the media.

One of Hitler's greatest assets was the isolation of the German people allowing his propaganda to be all that was heard. Bin Laden is an excellent publicist and he is currently speaking to an audience that has heard no effective opposition, even in countries such as Saudi Arabia, much less the remote regions in the north.

One of the biggest problems in defusing the potential for military escalation involving northern Pakistani and Afghan militants is the fact that we have almost no contact with the people of the region. They do not have TV's, almost no radio station's broadcast into the area except for the Taliban, and even the few radios they have are 30 years old.

Here is my idea to solve that problem.

  1. Buy 50,000 (or more) cheap transistor radio's and very good batteries.
  2. Each radio needs to have the battery installed (sorry); but, it gives us a chance to silk-screen on (or attach a kelvar tag) with a message: "Tune to 102.9 for messages from the leaders of your faith, then keep this gift" (Make sure the message is the best verbiage possible to stress Islamic religious leaders!!!!)
  3. Repack them in their boxes, attach small parachutes, and start dropping them over every remote populated area in the region. Begin with the ones that are currently friendly, but questionable in northern Pakistan.
  4. Get several major religious and secular leaders to record statements explaining why they should not follow el-Quaida in their false jihad and how bin Laden has broken the laws of Islam.
  5. Blanket the area with transmitters and transmit 24/7.

I know we have the technology; portable radio transmitters or planes that can fly above most groundfire, to transmit or drop radios in hostile areas.

I'll bet we could be delivering messages and radios by Thursday.

I can think of no more effective or cheaper way to reduce the potential for casualties and prevent escalation when it is time for military action.

We owe the people of the remote areas the chance to hear something other than the propaganda they are hearing now. If we don't, then we too are acting as terrorists.


Davis M McCarn

184 Eaglecrest Drive

Matthews, NC 28104

(704) 882-7550



P.S. This document is for the express of generating appropriate action. It may be printed, forwarded, read, or reproduced by anyone, private or commercial.

If you have any questions or comments, please E-mail me.

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