Updated Tuesday, October 22, 2002

5,000,000 Gifts of Learning for the Children

of America Mouse Sittingwithin the next 5 years!

You may scoff at my desire and question my ability to acheive this; but, with a little help, it could genuinely happen. Imagine, if you will, the effect this would have on the children and our society. A huge bite would be taken out of the acheivement gap, not to mention the myriad of other skills learned by the children and adults alike.

Studies done in Southwest America in the early 1980's found that it was possible to triple the rate of learning with computer based, educational software.

Far, far better software is available today at a pittance, with thousands of titles written for preschool through college level learning. Much of it is very entertaining and children enjoy the time that they spend "winning the game" they are playing. When the "game" consists of spelling, or writing, or of problems in arithmetic, doesn't it mean much more than simple entertainment?

Ironically, most of the edutainment and educational software works just fine on computers that are unusable for business. A Pentium 166MMX, circa 1996, will do nicely and these are what were thrown away in 1999.

The plan, then, is to recycle corporate discards and distribute them to disadvantaged children, preloaded with the best educational software we can get and customized for easy use.

What do I bring to the mix; what skills and talents do I have that could make this possible?

The first is that I can make a computer hum like a well oiled machine and, just as Timex used to say, make it "take a licking and keep on ticking". Many wondrous and educational titles are free and can be preloaded and customized so the computer is then easy and ready to use.

The second is that a master image can be made, which can be kept as a backup on each system and replicated to thousands with very little skill needed to either restore functionality or make another.

The third is that I can teach people how to troubleshoot, refurbish, and test the computers; how to load the images; how to pack them, unpack them, and set them up.

Within 90 days, I can have the first group of technicians producing hundreds per month.

At six months, the bugs would be ironed out of the logistical problems and there could be three times as many people producing thousands per month.

After two years, we could be ready to replicate facilities across the country and, during the third year we could ship the millionth computer.

The growth would be geometric and I sincerely believe that five million is attainable in five years, with the potential for far more after that.

What do I need to make this happen?

I need help from the government at every level; help from numerous companies for donations of hardware, software, materials, and shipping; help from the media, celebrities, and press promoting an interest, help finding managers, office help, and people to train.

We need funding, facilities, partnerships, people, and more.

Success could make a bright tomorrow for millions of children and greatly improve the skills and knowledge of a very large number of people.

This plan is not a pipe dream or fantasy. There are many facets and details I have ommitted for brevity.

Will you, or anyone else you may know, help me to make it come true?


Davis M McCarn

If you have any questions or comments, please E-mail me.

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