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Updated Wednesday, September 10, 2003
PC, Network, Printer, Plotter, or Mac - Any problem, almost any time.

Services for your office

Computers are a great thing and a marvelous help in today's business world, until they have problems.

Little problems may just be annoying (though even they can add up to a lot of lost time); but, when your computer is down, you may be completely out of business.

If you are worried about security or viruses, have a problem with your printers or network, need some help with a website or just about any program ever written, want to know your data is backed up or need to get your data back, I have more direct experience than anyone in the Carolina's and charge less for my services than most.

Evenings are no problem either, so I can come when it is convenient for you.

The phone call is always free, so call now! (704) 882-7551      

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