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Windows Registry

Contained within the Windows registry is, quite literally, what happens behind the scenes when you click on any box, button, or menu in anything installed on your computer. Often the registry exceedes 15 million characters, consisting of several hundred thousand entries. The fact that it has become a monstrosity that even Microsoft can't handle properly is a subject to be dealt with somewhere else; but, understanding that software screwups, viruses, Trojans, or browser hijackers can render your computer unusable and that very few people can fix it might help you to know just how important it is to have backups, particularly if I add that it will take less than a minute to do.

For Windows 95, 98, and ME, Microsoft wrote a backup utility called the Emergency Recovery Utility. You can find it on every Windows 95 CD ever published; but it would be simpler to read about it here.

For Windows NT, 2000, and XP, there is a freeware utility called the ERUNT. You can visit the authors website or read about it here.

Both pages outline a method to create several backups on a regular basis and will save you from hours of aggravation sooner or later. If you have it when you need it, the cure is very fast. If you don't.....

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