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Updated Thursday, April 15, 2004



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OK, let's give your computer a security check and a tuneup

Just like a car, every computer needs a periodic tuneup to help performance and to minimize problems and, in this day of rampant virus attacks, it has become a necessity that the system's security be verified.

Windows has several critical files that need to be backed up regularly. Good backups of the registry and boot files can get you out of trouble when something goes awry, or if a virus strikes. It's easy to do and I'll tell you how.

Viruses can wreak havoc on everything. Is your antiviral software up to date and operating correctly? I'll show you where a free check can be found and how to both update and check what is already on your computer.

Every flavor of Microsoft Windows is susceptible to a creeping bloat and the resultant software errors. As you install, upgrade, or uninstall programs, many uneeded or even broken links are left behind in the registry causing your system to bog down as it attempts to use them. Cleaning up the debris in the registry almost always makes a difference in how speedy and reliable the computer is.

Most of you don't need RealPlayer, Billminder, or any of the instant messengers running all of the time; though, the odds are, you have several that are. They will still work if you use them, anyway, and, when they run all of the time, just rob you of precious resources (read speed). To make matters worse, many often cause crashes and prevent new software from properly installing.

So, if you would like to clean the crud out of your "engine" and put new life into your computer, it's time to roll up your sleeves and read on.

This page will walk you through:

During the past twenty six years I have solved, or helped to solve, well over 100,000 different computer problems of every scope an nature. I can provide you with a level of experience and knowledge that is quite rare in its scope and depth. I also firmly believe you will find my services to be your best value.

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