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From a simple problem with the internet or a printer, to the complexity of a multiprocessor server that crashes once a week, very few have the experience or knowledge I can bring to bear on any problem you may have. With my deep understanding of the technologies, structures, and software in use at every level of computer system operation, I can track down the real source of your problem and see that it is corrected.

Does your system have the Window's blues?
Is it running too slowly? Does it lock up? Does it crash when you print or access the internet? I can resolve all of these problems for you, and more.

Would you like to have a network or does your network have a problem?
A properly set up network can be a wonderful thing. Everyone can share the internet and use printers that are available. Data can be backed up across the network very quickly and is then a hundred times less likely to be lost.

If you already have a network and it is causing you problems, almost nothing can cost you more in lost productivity, or be more frustrating. Solving these problems requires experience and knowledge, of both the operating system and the applications being used.

If you have problems that you would like to have resolved or questions needing answers, give me a call.

Troubleshooting network and system problems is what I have been doing for the last twenty five years. Hardware, software, engineering issues, or usability; whatever has been needed to solve the client's problem.

Computer problems come in many shapes and sizes. Most are simple and take but a few minutes; some can take hours to dig out and find. It is; however, necessary to find the causative problem in order to effect a real repair.

During my 18 years as the founder, CEO, trainer, and technical supervisor of DMCC Computers in Virginia, I saw or supervised the solving of over 100,000 computer problems of every imaginable type, as well as a few that were unimaginable ( I'll have to make a page for those, someday ).

Many of today's computer problems are software with an ironic twist in that the underlying cause is improper hardware drivers.

Machines that lock up, systems that can't connect to the internet of network, modems that disconnect all the time, or computers that just seem to run way to slowly are symptoms of this problem and far too few technical people seem to have the knowledge necessary to solve it.

Even servers frequently suffer from this same fundamental problem, causing real problems for many businesses.

This issue is aggravated by the fact that every release by Microsoft has invariably included drivers that were at least a year older than the CD. Before the release of Windows 98, there was a period in which 90 percent of the computers brought to my shop for service had never been set up correctly in the first place!

If you have a problem and need the very best, give me a call.

This website is a work in progress, for which I hope to have changes almost every day.

Please bear with me and check back soon.

If you have any questions or comments, please E-mail me.

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I'll be there if you need me! (704) 882-7551

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If you have any questions or comments, please E-mail me.

Davis' Biography

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