Friday, November 09, 2001
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Technical Training

Certifications for technical training programs and tests are readily available; but, as I am sure many of you may know from experience, they often mean little when it comes to the specifics needed for the support of your users or clients.

Hardware and system troubleshooting skills, in particular, are not included in most of the courses offered and even the ubiquitous A+ certification inadequately prepares technician's for the task of expeditiously locating the source of system problems.

Combined with the increasing complexity of many hardware platforms and the instability of the Windows environment, the result can be an endless nightmare of service events that may, or may not, solve the original complaint; but have resulted in several new problems.

What I have developed over the course of my 26 years of teaching both users and technicians the technical aspects of small computers is a set of models that are understandable and allow for building in depth whatever specifics are necessary to that subject.

I can teach any of you that may read this how to perform data recovery in less than thirty days using a model of office filing cabinets and their proper content. I can teach your technicians everything from basic system fundamentals to the analysis of analog circuitry such as switching regulators, high voltage, servo follower, or read/write circuits.

Of more immediate value to you may be that I have also developed a set of procedures for diagnosing system problems and their correction. Designed to minimize the risk of unskilled registry changes or lost user data, these procedures teach technicians how to eliminate troublesome startup items, identify and repair "confused" hardware drivers, and to restore the most likely versions of dll files.

Remember, when I say these things, that I have trained hundreds of tech's and subsequently had to deal with every problem they might drop in my lap. Further, as my firm was a retail business, it was also necessary that technicians be both productive and profitable. My point is that I had a vested interest in the success of any training I undertook and have a proven track record testifying to the usefulness of skills learned.

User Training

Since "personal computers" first appeared in the late 1970's, one of the most common needs has been that of educating the people using them. In some ways, this problem is more acute today, due to the fact that today's systems require far fewer skills for simple operation.

Twenty years ago it was impossible to accomplish even the simplest tasks without some basic understanding of the operating system, storage media, and numerous details of program operation or hardware use.

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