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Friday, April 09, 2004
Custom Engineering

Re-engineering the myriad of boards manufactured for S-100 and CP/M based computers taught component level electronic skills; and writing the necessary assembly language drivers to make them function together brought an understanding of exactly how computers work that is almost impossible to glean today.

Today's computers aren't really any different from those of the past; just faster.......

Analog electronics was learned in the study of power supplies, disk drives, monitors, printers, and communications. Stepper motor drivers, voice coil positioners, read/write heads, RS232 (et-al), switchers, and high voltage circuits are all fundamental parts of computers and peripherals and Dave is familiar with every one of them.

In the seventies, the task was making the assortment of home built boards work together as a computer, then boot up from the assembled BIOS that Dave had to write, assemble, and burn into Eprom. Often this meant re-engineering the timing, addressing, or gating of a board that had been misdesigned by one of the over 700 board vendors.

Computers, printers, monitors, disk drives, and power supplies were all repaired at a component level. Bad IC's, transisitors, capacitors, resistors, and coils were desolderred and replaced after troubleshooting that often required an oscilloscope to locate. High voltage, high current, switching, optical and magnetic servo followers, read/write circuits, serial data, parallel data, bus timing and loading are but a few of the subjects that had to be mastered in order to solve the problems.

In 1979, I designed and built a hard disk controller from scratch using point-to-point wiring that accessed an original Seagate ST506 drive; working under the CP/M operating system.

In the eighties, I re-engineered the OSM line of computers allowing double the original storage capacity and sixteen users in less than one cubic foot.

When Trimble needed an interface to capture frame information from a Kodak camera into their GIS enabled laptop, it was I that did the job.

When you need custom integration or engineering work, I am your man

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