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I am, by nature, an idea person; one who looks at almost every problem or product and analyzes it, often finding improvements or solutions. Some are small and some are not; most have been left by the wayside due to the hustle and bustle of my very busy life, or the fact that I did not have the resources to implement them.

As I have said elsewhere on this site, I have an almost eidetic memory that contains an incredible amount of engineering, scientific, legal, and other practical information. I have also gleaned an extensive collection of the things that seem to confuse people, generally, and those which they intuitively understand.

This knowledge and experience is often a double edged sword; solutions to big problems or major product ideas will pop into my head, but I have no avenue to promote or pursue them, leaving me just plain frustrated.

As an example, I know what is wrong with the computer recognition systems that are in the news and why they are not able to do what is needed. I also found the research, already done, that is the key to correcting the problem and could lead to the ability to accurately recognize individuals in less than a second, in the middle of a crowd at a distance only limited by the zoom capability of the cameras.

The problem is nobody seems to want it. The government has thanked me for a preliminary concept to identify passengers as they board planes, an airline pilots association expressed interest, as well, but neither was interested enough to follow through.....

A different idea I have is for a desperately needed consumer product for which there is no real competition and an existing market of 68 million homes in the US, alone. The irony in this one is that there is virtually no engineering involved; just software development and marketing costs. It is my belief that sales could excede 2 million units within five years at a target price of $700.00 per unit.

Does any body want part of an untapped, multi-billion dollar market?

A few past ideas that were implemented:

OSM Computer Corporation made a fabulous, multi-processor, multi-user computer system for business use; but clients need more storage than the 65 megabyte drive they offered. Two trace cuts and three wires added a new head select to their controller, increasing capacity to 140 megabytes, and some assembly language added the support to their O/S. We added a few other changes to their box configuration and were providing clients with a seventeen processor, sixteen user system that was smaller than one cubic foot in 1982.

Gateway had just made it big and was selling thousands of their 286 systems. Unfortunately; they had a habit of getting flakey when they had been in use for a while. The problem I found in their engineering was that they unecessarily ended every memory read cycle too soon; creating a tendency to "join the Mexican Airforce and fly away". The solution was to cut the trace causing the early termination and to tie that input to ground.

Miniscribe was a huge supplier of hard disk drives in the mid eighties and their flaw actually burned one of the windings in the spindle motor. We created a jig that used the motor on a good drive and an old floppy drive belt to drive the spindle of the bad drive for data recovery.

An international law enforcement project for GIS enabled digital imagery presented a number of problems in usability, support, and asked for an impossible hardware requirement.; namely how to get a type II SCSI controller and a type III drive in a laptop at the same time. This was a big problem, because they just plain won't fit! The solution I provided was to externalize the type III drive using a PCMCIA extender customized with legs for stability.

This page is links to ideas I have had, some of which I have promoted. When they become more numerous, I will categorize them by subject.

On the events of September 11 and after...

October 12, 2001 An important notice to computer users everywhere

When the first plane slammed into the World Trade Center, I was setting up my father-in-laws computer so that my niece would be able to improve her phonics skills using speech recognition and feedback capabilities.

Before 10:30AM, I had started the first of the letters below and have sent them to every news agency, politician, and person of influence I could find.

September 11, 2001 Terrorism and the only solution

September 12, 2001 Putting an end to terrorism 

Posted at CNN-Davis M McCarn - Friday, 09/14/01, 8:02:34am (#16433 of 16433)

In every thoughtless act, in every overreaction, in every moment that we delay in not returning to as much normalcy as possible, we allow Bin Laden to win.

Unless the answer is a worldwide endeavor to eradicate the terrorists and it is a sustained effort, Bin Laden will win.

September 14, 2001 We need to be clear on this

September 14, 2001 Points that need discussion and consideration

September 16, 2001 Let us find proof of Osama bin Laden's guilt, or innocence

September 20, 2001 The best tool we have! (and it has been seriously overlooked)

September 23, 2001 A very simple and concrete idea!

September 25, 2001 The least costly way to strip the Taliban and el-Quaida's popular support

September 28, 2001 Real ways to save the Airlines #1

September 30, 2001 I need your help with this

October 3, 2001 Terrorism is poised to strike the little guys!

This website is a work in progress, for which I hope to have changes almost every day.

If you have any questions or comments, please E-mail me.

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