May 3, 2004

To whom it may concern,

The ante has been seriously upped and you are at grave risk if you are running Windows NT, 2000, or XP.

Over the weekend, a new internet worm named Sasser has exploded like wildfire and I can almost guarantee that you are not protected against it.  It spreads by searching the internet for vulnerable computers and then installs itself automatically.  You do not need to open an Email or visit a bad website; if you are on the net when it finds you, it will infect your computer.

Microsoft has a patch to fix the vulnerability; but you will have great difficulty obtaining it because their servers are too busy. You can try to get it here: Security Bulletin ms04-011; but, since I was unable to get to the download, I have also made the Windows XP version available from my website.  You can simply Open it to install the patch which is about 2.6MB.  If you are running Windows 2000 or NT, try the bulletin and Email me if you have problems.

Because it has spread so quickly, your antiviral software will almost undoubtedly not detect it.  Please confirm that your virus definitions are newer than May 1, 2004.  If you are running AVG, simply double click on the icon in the system tray, click the Update Manager tab, and click on the Update Now button.  For McAfee, right click on the VShield icon and left click on About to check the status. You will then need to run the main program to obtain the updates and it may be an emergency DAT file. With Norton, double click on the system tray icon and use the liveupdate feature.

If you have no antiviral software or would like a free alternative for personal use, visit for more information.

If you become infected, your system will shutdown periodically with a system crash in LSASS.  This must not be ignored because the worm also has complete control of your system and can be used to execute anything else the authors desire.

So, please apply the patch, update your antivirus software, and pass this on to your friends.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact me by Email or by phone.


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