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March 6, 2004

To change the default location for Windows' temp files; first create a directory (folder) named Temp on the desired drive,
Next; right-click on My Computer and left-click on Properties at the bottom.
Click the Advance Tab to see the screen to the right
and click the Environment Variables button -->

You will be given this window -->
Click New.
The variable name is TEMP and the variable value is <DriveLetter>:\Temp.  Mine is F, but yours will be D.
Create a second variable named TMP with the same variable value.
Click OK twice, then restart the system.
To verify the setting, open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> CMD<enter>) and type SET<enter>.  All of the system environment variables will be listed and both TMP and TEMP should display your new setting.

You can also move your Temporary Internet Files by clicking on Tools -> Internet Options in Internet Explorer, clicking the Settings button, and then the Move Folder button.  It will automatically create a Temporary Internet Files folder, so select the drive letter you want and click OK.
Bear in mind that other programs, such as CorelDraw and Adobe products have their own settings for scratch or temporary files and they are found in Preferences or Options.
It should also be noted that the best performance will be for the temporary files to be located on a relatively small (4 to 10 Gigabytes, unless video editing is being done) partition, that nothing else should be on that partition, and that the balance of the drive's capacity should be for archival storage or generally unused files.

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