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OK, Guys,
Part of this is a tirade born of frustration; but, the ante is being upped, now, on a daily basis and if somebody doesn't start to take this real seriously, real soon, the proverbial s___ is going to hit our fan and it will make 9/11 look like a picnic!
We needed President Bush to tell every American to get some antivirus software on their computers,ASAP, last night and almost nothing short of that is going to make enough of a difference, soon enough to matter.
Try these:
SEPTEMBER 08, 2003 - Security Breach at Web Host Leaves 250,000 Small Business Sites at Risk of Infecting Visitors(,10801,84675,00.html?from=imutopstory ) - An administrative error at Web hosting provider Interland Inc. may have caused thousands of hosted sites to become infected with malicious code.
Visitors to those infected Interland-hosted sites were in turn vulnerable to having their systems compromised by code that could allow them to be turned into proxy servers, a security expert said last week.
Atlanta-based Interland manages over 7,000 servers and hosts more than 250,000 Web sites for predominantly small and medium-size businesses. Jeff Reich, director of security at Interland, last week confirmed that a security breach caused disruptions in service for many of the hosted sites during the last week of August.
So, do we have a clue how many computers across America are now acting as proxy servers for whatever these guys want to do?  NO
SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 - First of perhaps many 9/11 viruses emerges
(,10801,84589,00.html?SKC=security-84589 ) - Antivirus researchers late yesterday discovered what is being described as the first of potentially many 9/11 anniversary viruses spreading on the Internet.
We've been warned for months, now, that 9/11 will probably bring several major attacks in what has already been a banner year, yet nobody is telling the millions of small business users that they need to do something, NOW!  They don't read computer magazines or understand from CNN's reporting that Klez could wipe them out (on 9/10, by the way).
AUGUST 29, 2003 - Blaster worm linked to severity of blackout(,10801,84510,00.html ) - WASHINGTON -- The W32.Blaster worm may have contributed to the cascading effect of the Aug. 14 blackout, government and industry experts revealed this week.
On the day of the blackout, Blaster degraded the performance of several communications lines linking key data centers used by utility companies to manage the power grid, the sources confirmed.
Just as I said almost two years ago, some yutz with VPN access to the power companies servers wasn't protected and, when he logged in, Blaster jumped into our critical infrastructure and affected the severity of the worst blackout in history.  So, who's next?  GM, GE, Verizon?  Even Microsoft and the US Navy can't keep their own systems secure from attack; how can you think anybody else can?
Look.  I know I may sound like a crackpot and you don't know me from Adam; though, I'll tell you that I know more about computers, how they work, and what the average user does with them than any but a very small handful of people in the world, today ( You can take that as a challenge, should anyone care to test that assertion ).
As near as I can tell, about 20% of the computers in America are protected from viruses, trojans, or worms and most of them are at larger businesses, government agencies, or in use by someone that was (un)lucky enough to have been bit by a virus in the past. 
The other 80% are "hanging in the breeze", with many of them already infected.  Didn't I just see an article stating that 25% of the computers being connected to one college campus had viruses?  And don't think for a minute that Dell, Gateway, Best Buy, CompUSA, Time Warner, or any of the companies servicing computers even check for antiviral software; because, they don't.
So, Charlotte Observer, how much will it cost you when 25% of your advertisers get creamed? And you, over at the Chamber of Commerce, how many of your members are infected, already? And you, too, at First Union and BankAmerica, what will happen when someone with access logs in and scrambles a few million accounts?
Frankly, I almost hope it does happen to you; you take too much and give too little anyway.  It is the gas stations that won't be able to pump gas, the little stores that lose their inventory, the truckers who lose their schedules, the realtors, accountants, tradesmen, and professionals that will pay the biggest price because their loss will be total.
If I were extremely rich, I would buy a few million copies of a good antiviral package and give it away on TV.  If I were the government, I would do the same because it would be much cheaper than what the attacks are going to cost us. 
My purpose is to try to avert or at least mitigate what I see to be the inevitable.
It is not a matter of if a devastating virus attack will occur, it is only a matter of when.  If you think you can prove me wrong, I challenge you to do so.
Otherwise, I ask you, will it only be worthy of publicity or coverage after it costs Americans a few trillion dollars?

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