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September 23, 2001

One of the biggest problems in defusing the potential for military escalation involving northern Pakistani and Afghan militants is the fact that we have almost no contact with them. They do not have TV's, almost no radio station's broadcast in the area except for the Taliban, and even the few radios they have are 30 years old.

Here is my idea to solve that problem.

Buy 50,000 (or more) cheap transistor radio's and good batteries.

Each radio needs to have the battery installed (sorry); but, it gives us a chance to silk-screen on (or attach a kelvar tag) with the message: "Tune to 102.9 for messages from the leaders of your faith, then keep this gift" (Make sure the message is the best verbiage to stress Islamic religious leaders!!!!)

Repack them in their boxes, attach small parachutes, and start dropping them over every populated area in the region. Begin with the ones that are currently friendly, but questionable.

Get several major religious and secular leaders to record statements explaining why they should not follow el-Qaida in their false jihad and how he has broken the laws of Islam. Blanket the area with transmitters and transmit 24/7.

Please, don't try to orchestrate the wording of what is said. There is some truth to the world's perception that America has manufactured terrorists and we need to have people respected and known by the locals speaking nothing but the truth.

I know we have the technology and I'll bet we can get a million volunteers, if necessary to help. I'll bet we could be delivering messages and radios by Wednesday.

I can think of no more effective or cheaper way to reduce the potential for casualties and escalation.


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