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September 16, 2001

A Call for Help to the World

The images of last week's support and sympathy of people throughout the world were as unprecedented as the unique terror of the first time any group has had the callousness and audacity to use passenger airliners as bombs. Never before have the citizens of so many nations stood together on any cause.

I write this as an appeal to those, the world over, who would see that never again shall such an act be committed against innocent's, anywhere in the world.

There is something you can do to help that is vital to the task at hand of proving the guilt of those responsible and we must establish that proof quickly or devolve into political squabbles; possibly war.

Somebody, somewhere, has the key to unraveling the conspiracy. It may be a bank teller, somewhere in Europe or Asia, that can recall the deposit made which paid for the terrorist's flight training. It may be in a jeweler's recollection of an unusual purchase. It may even be in the witnessing of an exchange or meeting. It may be buried in the records of financial transactions. It is; however, somewhere and the world needs to find it.

So, this is how you can help. Wrack your brains for any possible lead, particularly if you work with valuables or money. Tell your governments and banks that you expect them to give any aid that is asked of them; that the issues of privacy and privilege are superceded by the worlds' need to know the truth.

And we need this effort to be public as well as global. It needs to be translated into every language, published in the press, carried on radio and television, shouted to people everywhere in every language, not only because that is how the proof will be found; but also to show the disbeliever's what the will of the world truly is.

It is a monumental effort that needs to be made, one that could involve tens of thousands for success; but look at what we might accomplish:

With proof, the terrorist will stand alone. Those that support him in uncertainty will run from his side in the face of proof.

With proof he may even be captured without event; shackled by someone close at hand.

In search of the proof we will show the governments of the world that we are united and determined in a way that has never been seen before.

In search of the proof we show those that protect the terrorists that this is not the action of any one country or people.

In search of the proof we can build what is needed to end the terror.

So, I ask you: "Do you have the proof of who was responsible or will you help us all to find it?"

With hope and concern,

Davis M McCarn
184 Eaglecrest Drive
Matthews, NC 28104
(704) 882-7550

If you have any questions or comments, please E-mail me.

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