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September 12, 2001

Yesterday morning, I wrote a letter calling of an international war on terrorism and those that might harbor them. In it I called for a declaration of that war by the United Nations. The reason that I believe it to be important that they be the publicized originator, even though a small number of nations would probably contribute to the effort, is twofold.

The first reason is that there is a need for the United States to be disconnected from any action taken. We, as a country, must stop giving excuses to the militants and extremists of the world. We need to begin implementing programs and policies designed to give the world a better image of the U.S. to reduce the chances of our being future targets.

In a scenario that could easily make matters much worse, we might launch a strike against the wrong parties and cause civilian deaths. That is ammunition we cannot afford to give the Bin Laden's.

The second is that, because of the United State's reputation in some parts of the world, I believe success in the ultimate goal of eradicating terrorism would be much more difficult and slower in coming. To my mind, we are more likely to have support for the cause under the name of the U.N., which may well make the difference in somebody calling with vital information and should undermine some of the arguments given by the extremists.

Can a Bin Laden type group successfully alter the target of their vehemence to the U.N., particularly if endorsed by Muslim states, without creating doubt and skepticism in the population that is, at the very least, helping to hide them? Might that not improve the odds of someone revealing the plot or whereabouts of activity? And, what happens if a government is revealed as an abettor; aren't they a little more likely to throw the terrorists to the dogs rather than be perceived as opposing the U.N.?

I believe that, from the standpoint of worldwide support, the war to end terrorism needs to be in the name of a world organization, namely the U.N.

If you did not receive yesterday's email, but would like a copy, I will gladly send it or you may visit this page for a link.

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