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How's this for a headline that could easily be real:
50 Planes at 50 Airports Shot Down by Terrorists!

Now, what would that do for consumer confidence?  How many people would get on a plane after that? 

It is a damn good thing I am not a terrorist; because, while there seemed to be more policemen than passenger's at Charlotte Douglas International Airport last night, there were still hundreds of ways to blow up planes that we're not even close to being protected from. 

My wife and I happened to arrive early to pick up her niece and I remembered how nice it used to be to sit at a park on the Potomac, in Virginia, and watch planes take off from National.  We drove past the satellite parking and there it was, more than a mile of fence, parts of it with a beautiful view of the runway.  We parked for a while and watched... 

and then I noticed that nobody was even patrolling the airport's perimeter!  We sat there for over fifteen minutes.  Anybody with a shoulder mounted anti-aircraft missile could have sat in their car, shot down a plane, and been long gone before the sirens even got started. 

And a well organized gang could easily hit fifty airports within ,say, twenty a minute period.  The missiles aren't that hard to come by, either. 

I am not stupid, but I'm not a security expert either, so for me to find such an easy point of attack scares me silly.

And, as always, I have a suggestion: Hire a bunch of retired CIA, FBI, and other law enforcement people to be independent inspectors and analysts, with a real emphasis on the latter, at first.  Pay them big bonuses to find holes in the airport's security and bigger bonuses for efficient ways to fix them.

If the government won't do it, the airlines had better, because if anything like what I saw could be done, happens, there won't be anybody, anywhere in the US, willing to get on a plane.

Remember that bin Laden has already shown how cunning he can be; his stated goal is to cripple America; and if, God forbid, he should accomplish anything as terrible as the headline I started with, he would surely come close to achieving just that.



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