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An important notice to computer users everywhere

October 12, 2001 by Davis M McCarn
    If you use a computer for any purpose other than simple recreation, there is something you need to do to help in the fight against terrorism.  It won't take much time and will make a world of difference in how vulnerable we are to a type of terrorism that doesn't involve explosives or chemicals, but nevertheless could easily wreak havoc on all of us.
    What needs to be done is for you to make sure that your computer is protected from viruses and that the software has been updated to files newer than October 1st, 2001.  There are several new viruses that are particularly deadly and older versions will not detect the new viruses.
    One, in particular, is called Nimda.  In less than four weeks it has infected over 20 million computers and has the potential of erasing every file on your computer. 
    For the more savvy readers, you can tell if your infected by checking for a file named "admin.dll" in the root directory (C:\).  If it is there, you are already infected and you need to remove it without delay, which can only be done by downloading a removal tool and using it, deleting won't help.
    Infected or not, the only protection for your work is in having current antiviral software running at all times.  To check the version you are currently running, find the icon in the system tray (down by the time in the lower right corner of your screen).  Right-click on the icon, then left-click on "About".  A box should appear with the software version and the date of the antiviral definition files.
    Many of you should be able to get the updates for free.  McAfee offers free "superdat" upgrades to anyone running version 4.03 or higher.  Norton's updates are free for the first year.
    Some of you will need to purchase new software. Either the version you have will be too old, your free upgrade period will have expired, or you may never have had antiviral software at all.  To you I recommend that you not buy a suite.  Suites include other programs that can cause big problems and are not what is needed anyway.  Buy the straight antivirus package, which should cost about $30.00.
    If you are running ZoneAlarm or have had problems with Norton in the past, choose Computer Associates Inoculate-It or Panda Antivirus.  Both are excellent products and seem to work well with firewalls or small networks that share internet access.
    Regardless of what choice you may make for your own computer, it is important that you make sure you are protected.  Denying the terrorists the opportunity to attack our computers is just as important as protecting our airlines, people, or property.

Please forward this to every member of your staff, chamber, organization, or group. Add your friends, neighbors, and relatives, too.  If you care to remove the links to my business, I give permission for you to do so as long as you leave my name as the author.  It is far too important that we get as many computers protected, as quickly as possible.
As of this morning, 29% of the computers scanned were infected with the Nimda virus which will allow a second attack to do whatever it wants to on your hard disk or network, including total erasure.  If that is Nimda's authors intent, over 30 million computers will lock up and then never reboot again with no warning or notice, whatsoever.
Bear in mind that 25%+ of the world's computers are in use by large companies and governments.  This means that the odds are worse for small businesses and home computers and as many as half of your friends and associates computers are probably infected, with the number growing by millions every day.
If any of you should need any help with your computers, please visit my website, email me, or call.
Davis M McCarn
184 Eaglecrest Drive
Matthews, NC 28104
(704) 882-7550