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Expert Computer Consulting - 184 Eaglecrest Drive, Matthews, NC 28104  (704) 882-7551
My name is Davis McCarn and I moved to the Charlotte area about a year ago. 
My daughter attends Sardis Elementary and I have nothing but praise for that school, the staff, and was truly surprised to discover that Union Counties computer support was some of the best I have seen in the 26 years I have been servicing small computers.  It is a very refreshing contrast to the Fairfax County schools attended by both of my daughters in Virginia.
The purpose of this correspondence is to offer my services to the Charlotte area in an area that I truly enjoy and one where I believe I can make a real difference for everyone; namely, helping the educators of our children and the children themselves to be better able to use the technology available.  Technology that will have a profound effect on the future paths of the children, especially.
The ways that I can help are multifold.  I can truly solve problems that are making peoples computers inoperable, make them easier to use, set them up for use by children, and help to make something new work that they may be interested in.
Every step of the way, I encourage the people I am working with to learn so that they might ultimately be able to solve their own problems and use their computers effectively.
Were it not for the fact that I have a daughter in college, another in elementary, and haven't had the Prize Patrol show up at my door, I would be offering my services on a completely volunteer basis.  Because I owe, I have to make a living and the best I can offer are discounts and donations for helping.
To that end, the first item is an offer of half price service, in perpetuity, that I extend to any teachers or staff at any school in the area.  This is not for the computers at the schools, but rather for the personal computers used by the staff at home.
The second is an offer of a discount and a donation for the students themselves.  I can produce the flyers for distribution that will offer a discounted rate of $80 per hour for my services and will make a donation to the PTO of $20 for every call that is generated.  I will track the calls by school and send donations to the respective PTO's on a regular basis.
A similar program which I had running in Virginia resulted in over $2,500 being sent to 11 separate PTA's in a six month period.
Before you dismiss this as a scheme or other bogus offer, please check my references.  I am an honest man that has a lot to offer and would like to be able to help the children and their teachers.
Davis M McCarn
184 Eaglecrest Drive
Matthews, NC 28104
(704) 882-7550