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Syntax SV266A System Board Bios Upgrade


March 13, 2004


To anyone who purchased a TechConnect system utilizing the Syntax SV266A system board:

After fighting with one student's computer for many hours and it's refusal to complete the Windows XP installation, I did a little searching on the net and found a Bios upgrade which made a world of difference; even the seemingly bad Kingston memory worked fine after the BIOS was upgraded.

The source of the problem, then, has to be some aspect of the system's timing which is not being changed by Windows XP, even though XP ceases to use the BIOS after the system boots.

To install the BIOS upgrade, you will need a diskette that is not too beat up and one which you don't care if the contents are erased.

If you want to make several diskettes, you should save this file to disk; but, if you only need one, you can open it from it's current location: Syntax266ABiosDiskette You will be prompted to place a diskette in the floppy drive and to wait until it is finished.

Take the diskette to your Syntax computer (or leave it in the floppy drive if you are at one) and restart the system.  Then simply follow the prompts to complete the upgrade.

There is one other change in the Bios settings which I suggest you make.

Hit the Delete key to enter setup, the down arrow to Advanced Chipset Features, the enter key twice to access the DRAM Clock/Drive Control settings, and change the DRAM Timing option from Manual to BySPD. Hitting Escape twice and F10 will save the setting.

If you need to, you can click here to return to the SV266 Notes and Fixes page.


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