Evidentiary Work

Obtaining evidence for use in legal proceedings requires knowledge of both computers and the rules of evidence. Generally, the best approach is an examination of the hard disk drive used in the system from which we would like to obtain evidence.

There are several types of evidence that may be sought, so I will list a few as examples:

Correspondence - Can be E-Mail, Faxes sent, Documents created or edited on the system
Financial Data - Tax returns, Computer based checkbook data (i.e.Quicken), Spreadsheets, Data from accounting packages
Personal Interests - Internet sites that have been visited and what was viewed, Images downloaded, Software that has been installed

You need not worry about the fact that the information has been erased, or that programs are no longer on the system. It is possible to list the sites that were visited over two years ago even after the program has been erased for over a year and recovering things that were deleted recently are a snap.

A preliminary inspection including a list of recent activity, items that were deleted, and a search for a specific proper name (useful to locate deleted correspondence) should only take about three hours and the rate for this service is $120.00 per hour.

Whether the interest is for a divorce proceeding or for corporate litigation, the returns can be surprising!

For more information, send mail to our Data Recovery department.