"Quality parts make a better value!"

Twenty five years of fixing computer problems has taught us a completely different perspective on the industry. Issues such as reliability, the real warranty, compatibility, and speed are but a small part of what is learned while servicing computers with problems.

We carefully choose all of the items that we sell and integrate into our systems to supply you with a computer that is far more troublefree, friendlier to use, inexpensively upgradeable, and is far, far faster than most computers available!

Also included is a one year parts and labor warranty from us, telephone support to help you with any problems you may have, and free installation of any software or the transfer of data from your old computer.

Whether your system is to be used by the family, a fully integrated digital imageing system, or an enterprise fileserver, consider a system from DMCC Computers. We sincerely believe that we provide a better value.

New Systems Starting at $899.95

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