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"My computer has never worked so well, even when it was new!" - Butch, June 2003

"I want to thank you again for coming over today. You saved my life again. I just don't know what I would do without you." - Rene, November 2003

"All of my machines have been working so well, with all the help you've given me and all tech tools, what a big difference it has made! I also was able to utilize some of the tools on Andrew's machine, and he had nearly 70 viruses !!!! ( still in shock myself ) .... Where that boy went to get all of those worms and viruses, I can't even imagine. But I also fixed some registry problems he had. I cleaned his machine up and it is now working like a charm. - Dianne, March 2004

Over the years, I have received hundreds of letters expressing gratitude for my services.

These are, to my mind, references of a different caliber; speaking of my skills, knowledge, honesty, ethics, and character.

From a seargent in the Falls Church Police Department:

"Over the years he has been a great resource for me and the department in areas of computer repair, hardware and software installation. Mr. McCarn has always been honest and straightforward in his dealings with me as well as other customers known to me."  More...

Seal of the CIAFrom a Federal Intelligence Officer:  

"I have experienced a truthfulness and dedication in Mr. McCarn that I have rarely seen before. Mr. McCarn, in every case, has been absolutely good to his word. - Mr. McCarn is trustworthy."  More...

From a professor at the University of Maryland:

"I always felt I could count on his integrity and work ethic. He has the kind of intellectual curiosity that allows him to stay ahead of client needs"  More...

From an international academic:

"In addition, Mr. McCarn explains complex technological phenomena in easily understood terms. Combined with his mastery of computer and related equipment, this made him an invaluable resource as well as a reliable source of equipment and service. As my own knowledge has grown, my admiration for his expertise has solidified, and through many exchanges I have learned to respect his intelligence and integrity."  More...

Additional references available on request

I have solved or helped to solve well over 100,000 different computer problems in the past thirty years and can provide you with services based upon a level of experience and expertise that is quite rare.

CH Mouse © 2002 Davis M McCarn

I'll be there if you need me! (704) 882-7551

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